Fisherman jumps off boat to revive 300-pound shark (Video)

saving shark photo
Screen capture YouTube

Given the fact that humans kill an estimated 100 million sharks a year, pushing some species towards the brink of extinction, practicing 'catch-and-release' fishing is certainly a commendable alternative. But one particularly compassionate angler went above and beyond to ensure his love of the sport was as benign as possible.

Sportsmen aboard a charter boat off the coast of Gasparilla, Florida recently reeled-in the catch of a lifetime -- a 300-pound bull shark. After cleanly removing the hook, the crew then deposited the shark back into the ocean. Instead of swimming away, however, the shark appeared to be stunned by its brief stint aboard the boat.

That's when one of the fishermen jumped into the water, risking his own life to save the life of his temporary catch -- reviving the shark by nudging it away from the boat until it swims away, apparently no worse for the experience.

Say what you will about sport-fishing, but catch-and-release fishing is arguably one of the least impactful forms of hunting -- a welcome change from lethal practices, like shark finning, which have decimated shark populations around the world.

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