"The Cove" director hints his next eco-thriller may be out this year

ocean fliming
Screen capture The Heist

Documentary maker Louie Psihoyos hinted in a recent interview with Ecorazzi that his next film may be completed soon. "We just screened a rough cut of the first 75 percent of the film for a big festival, I shouldn’t say which one yet but there wasn’t a dry eye in the house," Psihoyos said, "Let’s just say the ending will be spectacular, like nothing that’s ever been done before."

The film's working title is "The Heist," and is described as a buddy film about an unlikely group of activists coming together to fight mass extinction. Psihoyos' description may border on hyperbole, but it's clear that he's extremely passionate about his work. He's also the founder and executive director of the Oceanic Preservation Society, an organization dedicated to "inspiring people to save the oceans."

Psihoyos' last film, "The Cove", won a slew of awards, including an Oscar for Best Documentary, the Audience Award at Sundance, and the Best Documentary Feature from the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

The new project was funded in part by a Kickstarter campaign, which raised $53,751 in September. The campaign's video also serves as a kind of teaser for the movie:

"The Cove" director hints his next eco-thriller may be out this year
"The Heist" may be in theaters in 2014.

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