Australian TV reporter rescues a stranded dolphin

As a fishing reporter for Australia's Nine News, it's usually Paul Burt's job to deliver the latest reports on weather and boating conditions for anglers -- but thanks to a recent act of mammalian solidarity caught on film, he's now found himself as the subject of the story.

While heading out on a fishing trip yesterday morning along the Gold Coast, Burt and a friend ran across a beached dolphin. Lying 150 feet from the water line, the stranded animal appeared to have been trapped by the quickly receding tide and was now clinging to life in the sand.

"We thought he was dead to start with," says Burt. "But when he saw us it was like, 'The rescuers (are) coming to get me'. He was excited."

From Nine News:

"It's okay, it's okay," he is heard saying on the video as he tried to comfort the dolphin, which he said had "tears" in its eyes when he found it. "I wouldn't leave you alone, buddy."

Burt and his fishing partner managed to drag the dolphin back to shallow waters, where it flicked its tail and swam off to safety.

"It was so surreal. You had to do something for him," Burt said.

Judging from the video above, the dolphin appeared to still be in good health, hopefully no worse for the wear. As is usually the case with such animal rescues, however, the most lasting impression comes from seeing just how ready and willing humans can be in extending a helping hand to a creature in need.

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