Stops Selling Manta Ray Products has become, for many businesses around the world, an ideal portal for connecting with and utilizing China's vast manufacturing infrastructure. Indeed, the site is a marketplace for nearly any product imaginable—and also offers an opportunity to create entirely new items. Unfortunately, however, this has sometimes included products made from animals and even protected species.

The most recent example is the use of manra ray leather in a wide variety or consumer goods. Seeing this, Oceana launched a campaign to force Alibaba to end these sales. After collecting 40,000 signatures they sent the petition to the company.

The good news: Alibaba listened to Oceana's call to action. Not only did the company agree to remove manta ray products from the site but, according to a statement from CEO Jack Ma, Alibaba will refrain from selling products made from any animals protected under UN policies.

Alibaba's track record for such initiatives, according to Oceana, is good. In the past they have responded to calls to remove products containing shark fins and other unsustainable animal parts. Stops Selling Manta Ray Products
The Chinese website, one of the world's largest platforms for business-to-business trading, has announced that it will stop carrying products made from UN Protected species, including manta rays.

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