Let this cute octopus sing to you about overfishing

a octopus that sings about overfishing
© Akiko McQuerrey

This charming stop-animation film comes to you from Akiko McQuerrey, a Japanese artist and designer based in Brooklyn. The music is written and performed by Satomi Matsuzaki and Greg Saunier of the band Deerhoof.

Overfishing Song from "Papa Cloudy's Restaurant" from Akiko McQuerrey on Vimeo.

McQuerrey wrote the lyrics:

Does it taste salty like my home ocean
Haven’t seen so long
Shark whale and skate
Living in the ocean

Tuna and grouper need each other
Fishes are together making ocean better

I miss all the fishes
But no overfishing

One day captured in the net
Next day sold in the market
Today all of the ships wrecked
Tomorrow fishes are dead

Ocean is lonely because you are hungry

Overfishing isn't a cute subject, but this adorable sea creature can help educate us about the problem.

Hat tip: @Power2thePuppet

Let this cute octopus sing to you about overfishing
This stop-animation film tells the story of overfishing from an octopus' perspective.