3-4 Times More Sharks Killed Annually Than UN Stats Show

There's some new analysis of the global trade in sharks, driven largely by the demand for shark fins and centered in Hong Kong, that shows the UN Food and Agriculture Organization may be greatly underestimating the number of sharks killed annually.

According to Pew Environment Group, 3-4 times as many sharks are being caught each year as are shown in UN FAO stats.

The study shows that Hong Kong is responsible for 50% of all trade in shark fins, with 83 countries sending some 22.7 million pounds of shark fin products there last year.

As for where the shark fins are coming from, the graphic below sums it up well:

Read the report summary or the full report to get the details on what Pew Environment believes need to be done to adequately protect sharks, and therefore the entire marine ecosystem.

The short version is this, though: The current, patchwork approach isn't working, with data collection lacking, and conservation efforts falling short of what is needed.

For more info on shark conservation and the shark fin trade, check out the related links to left.

3-4 Times More Sharks Killed Annually Than UN Stats Show
Demand for shark fins drives the global shark trade, with Hong Kong responsible for half the world's catch.

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