O2 Sustainability Treehouse

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We prefer to hug trees rather than build in them- Treehouses can be an affront to nature and do little good for the trees. Perhaps there are exceptions, like O2 Sustainability Treehouse, a geodesic dome hanging 45 feet in the air. Bucky's domes use less material than just about any other structure known; in this case they are using less of fully sustainable materials. It hangs on cables, uses no nails or bolts and won't harm the tree. It is beautifully drawn, built and presented by 23 year old furniture designer Dustin Feider.


"It is built with 100% sustainable materials, does not restrict or harm the tree in any way. The design can accommodate any tree, single trunk, multi trunk, or several trees. Its modular design allows for materials to be easily switched out accommodating style, size and functional design preferences. O2 Sustainability offers design and instillations services or can be ordered as a self-installable kit. The tree house design supports sustainable ideas through its form and function allowing one to experience nature as the birds do in an upper canopy tree haven." Dustin says " It is a place for reflection, social gathering, and fantasy. The design of the tree house supports ideas of sustainability through its form and function by means of recycled, eco friendly materials, and it's causing no harm to the tree. It is a great place to observe nature, have group meetings or hold team-building activities. This tree house allows one to experience nature as birds do, in an upper canopy tree haven. The tree house is light in weight, safe, and offers a large interior space suspended between the tree's branches. "

This kid can draw, too. (Click to enlarge)


Available in kit form: Read ::Inhabitat; and O2 Sustainability Treehouse

Inhabitat also sent us the sustainable Boase urban grow-your own treehouse.