New York City's Largest Commercial Net-Metered Solar Power Array Graces Brooklyn Rooftop

big sue bergen street solar array photo
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While there are larger rooftop solar arrays out there (GM’s 12 MW solar array in Zaragosa, Spain being the current world leader in that category), a new, albeit much smaller, rooftop solar array sets a first of its own: First in commercial net-metered solar power array in New York City. Here are the details:40 kW Solar Power Array Takes Advantage of New Net-Metering Provisions
Built by Solar Energy Systems on top of a building at 925 Bergen Street in Brooklyn, renovated by green builders Big Sue LLC, the 40 kW system sends excess electricity generated by the panels back into the ConEd grid. In August of 2008 Governor David Patterson extended the state’s net-metering program to non-residential customers; according to SES this is the first commercial system to take advantage of that program.

And There’s a Green Roof...
According to the Big Sue website, the building was originally built in the 1880s as the Budweiser Brewery, (which had to change its name to the Nassau Brewery after the other Budweiser sued their Brooklyn namesake), and had been used by Monti Moving & Storage until recently renovated into 25 commercial spaces. Additional green features of the building include a 4000 square foot green roof, locally sourced materials, as well as salvaged lighting and sinks.