Norwegians Suffer From Desperate Shortage of Parking, Will Come to America in Droves

Video screen capture. Streetfilms

We learn from Streetfilms that they are removing all the parking in Oslo; no wonder they want to leave.

The President of the United States, discussing immigration, recently said "We should have more people from Norway.” This is a wonderful gesture; he must have been spending his executive time watching the shocking Streetfilms documentary Oslo: The Journey to Car-free and learned about the tragic destruction of parking spaces there.

Oslo: The Journey to Car-free from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

Unlike America, where cars are Liberty Machines that give people the freedom to drive and park wherever they want, in Oslo, everybody is walking and cycling. They must be exhausted; when Emma Lazarus wrote "Give me your tired" for the Statue of Liberty, she must have meant Norwegians.

body shop

People have to walk miles every day to get their daily requirement of skin cream./Video screen capture

The executive officer of the bicycle program says that "Norwegians are used to using their bodies to get around." How primitive, that's what people did a thousand years ago. Liv Jorun Andenes, the communications officer, for the Oslo Agency for Cycling, explains that they actually are trying to make it difficult to drive!


Streetfilms/Video screen capture

Here you can see a typical street, begrimed by cafés instead of being used for car parking. They actually plan to eliminate all on-street parking in the downtown! The commies in charge are engaged in massive social manipulation; people have to share bikes, you know, to each according to their needs. Clarence of Streetfilms writes:

All new developments are required to be built car-free. Ruter, the transportation authority for Oslo, is planning on absorbing all new city population growth in addition to the task of converting current drivers to ride buses, trains and trams. Car share systems are beginning to dominate as more families want to live near the city without a personal vehicle.

That poor car, stuck behind all those buses and bicycles, it's not fair/Video screen capture

Unlike in the United States, where bike lanes provide convenient parking and loading for cars, they can't do that in Oslo. There appear to be no placard privileges or any of the normal rights that drivers have in the States. Drivers almost seem oppressed. And the buses! There are so many of them, and everybody knows that buses are horrible.

Despite lack of true separation they feel rather safe and unlike a similar style that might be tried in the U.S., you will not find cars parking in the lanes. Over four days I probably could count on one hand the number of cars I saw sitting in the lanes.
looking at phone

Streetfilms/Video screen capture

When you look at the people who are forced to walk everywhere because the parking has been stolen, they all look so skinny and pale. And clearly, they have no public education about the dangers of not wearing helmets, of looking at screens, of wearing headphones. It is like they are from another era, before people knew better.

fixing roads

Streetfilms/Video screen capture

The city is noisy and dirty as they actually take away all the parking and give the space to people who walk and bike. It is like a step back to the 19th century, it's so primitive. It's a great thing that the President is inviting in all the tired Norwegians. They will come in droves for all the parking.