This Norwegian Man Won a Free Tesla Model X Just by Being Really Convincing...

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Bjørn Nyland, a Norwegian man with a clear passion for Tesla electric cars (he has a Youtube channel with dozens of videos on the subject), has just been declared winner of Tesla's referral contest just 2 weeks after it launched. The idea was that for a limited time, every Tesla owner who referred a sale to the company would get $1,000 of credit in their Tesla account and the new buyer would get $1,000 off their Tesla, and the first person to refer 10 buyers to Tesla would win a Founder's Edition of the upcoming Model X.

This exchange between Bjørn and Elon Musk took place on Twitter:

How did he do it? Who's convincing enough to get 10 people to buy Teslas in a span of just 2 weeks? Well, Rome wasn't built in a day. The reason why Bjørn was able to pull it off is because he built a community of followers over years with his Youtube channel. So when the contest was announced, he made a video about it and gave his referral information. The community responded well, and everyone in it who bought a Tesla apparently used his referral code. Voilà!

Of course, for the win to be confirmed the referred customers must take delivery of their EVs, but even if someone drops out, it's probably fairly safe that Bjørn would be able to get someone else and stay above 10 referrals...

Here's a pre-production Model X spotted on the road in California:

Hopefully Mr. Nyland enjoys his free electric car. Expectations are certainly high after Elon Musk called the Model X "arguably a better SUV than the Model S is a sedan."

Tesla Model X

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Bjørn made a video to thank all those who helped him win this referral contest:

And here is Bjørn's hour-long review of the Model S P85D:

And here's a video of what he considers to be his best shots of 2014 with his Tesla:

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