Nominate Your Favorites For Our Sustainable Travel Awards

Treehugger and TripSavvy are joining forces to celebrate a new era of traveling lightly.

Alex Levine / Getty Images

The past year made tourism's impact on the environment more evident than ever. When leisure travel was put on hold, over-crowded cities got a break, emissions from air transportation plummeted, wildlife flourished in unexpected places, and natural wonders got a reprieve from trampling. Our planet had a rare opportunity to catch its breath. 

We will always be passionate about seeing the world. However, the effects of this "anthropause" are a glaring reminder that the old approach to travel doesn’t work. It’s time for a fresh perspective on travel, so that we can see the world without actively harming it.

And so, although we aren’t packing our bags quite yet, we’re ready to start dreaming about traveling safely and sustainably.  

With this vision in mind, Treehugger and TripSavvy are partnering to launch the 2021 Sustainable Travel Awards. We hope to inspire a glorious reboot of all things travel, where a lighter footstep reigns supreme.

 We will give awards in six categories:

  • Destinations: From city vacations to natural wonders to journeys, like hikes or train trips.
  • Experiences: From wildlife activities to learning and volunteer opportunities to environmentally-conscious tour companies.
  • Accommodations: From innovators in hotel design and hospitality to alternative accommodations, like treehouse resorts and glamping retreats.
  • Transportation: From carbon offset programs to airlines making a difference to alternative modes of getting from here to there.
  • Organizations: From research institutes focused on responsible tourism to NGOs promoting ecotourism for sustainable development.
  • Products: From solid toiletries to luggage built to last a lifetime to the best reusable water bottle for someone on the go.

And here's where you come in. We would love to hear about your favorite destinations and travel-related businesses that have sustainability at their heart. Leave a comment below letting us know the name and a brief description of why you are nominating them, and we will do the rest.

Nominations will close at the end of the day on February 17; awards will be announced in mid-March.

Thank you – and here's to a new era of traveling lightly!