Noah the Chubby Corgi Is Huge Hit With His Fans

Noah the chubby corgi CROP. Noah the Chubby Corgi/Instagram

There's something so cute about corgis. They are adorably disproportional with their long, tubby bodies and their short legs. Top that off with their expressive faces and it's no wonder so many of them are social media stars.

Like Noah.

Noah is a mostly-corgi pup from the Boston area who earned online fame when people started noticing his size. On Instagram, he's known as Noah the Chubby Corgi.

Savannah Nguyen drove to Pennsylvania to get Noah from an owner who was giving up Noah and his shih tzu/poodle mix buddy because the owner was having medical issues and couldn't care for them anymore.

When Nguyen and her roommate made the six-hour drive and met Noah for the first time, they were surprised at his heft.

"When we got him, we didn’t expect him to be this big. I thought I was getting a purebred and the owner didn’t know the difference thinking he was normal size," she tells MNN.

"I was super shocked when I knocked on the door and he came bounding over jumping up onto the door and coming up to my waist height! I thought he was a little bear! But months later and he’s the best thing that could’ve happened to me."

Savannah Nguyen with Noah (far left) and some more diminutive corgi pals.
Savannah Nguyen with Noah (far left) and some more diminutive corgi pals. Savannah Nguyen/Facebook

Noah was overweight because his owners weren't able to exercise him and he received more food than he should. Nguyen worked out a diet and exercise plan with her vet and now, six months later, Noah is down to a respectable 59 pounds, considered within a healthy range for his size.

"He is still a work in progress just to be safe," Nguyen says, adding that he also takes glucosamine and chondroitin to help his back and hips.

Noah is mostly corgi, but he has something else mixed in.

"He has all of the features of a corgi including the stubby legs, the missing tail, the double coated fur, etc. but his size comes from another breed," Nguyen says. "He is twice as tall as other corgis with a much larger frame. We are not sure what he is mixed with yet since I keep putting off his DNA test due to how expensive it is but I’m hoping to get to it eventually."

Estimated to be somewhere between 6 and 8 years old, Noah has random bursts of online popularity every now and then due to people being fascinated by his size. He's a star on Instagram corgi pages and was recently a hit on Reddit when this photo was posted:

But Nguyen says it's his personality that really makes him a star.

"He is literally the sweetest dog. He is very affectionate and loves to curl up on the couch with you after a long day," she says. "He’ll lie by your feet when you’re getting work done or relaxing on the couch. He loves to be pet, to the point where he will force you by pawing at you or shoving his head under your arm when he wants your attention."

But that doesn't mean Noah is a homebody. He's eager for adventure and loves to play, being particularly partial to a squeaky purple bone and a toy squirrel. He is great at off-leash hiking and just learned how to swim this past summer, which she says is hard for him with his non-swimmer's physique. He also loves going to corgi meet-ups where he plays with much smaller members of his breed.

Nguyen, who is a student at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, says she got Noah when she was going through a tough time.

"I was known as that girl who was obsessed with corgis by pretty much all my friends and I was going through a rough patch with switching majors and moving out and I had some anxiety so I thought getting a dog would be therapeutic and healthy for me."