We've Got Good News for People Who Don't Like to Change Their Underwear

Man modelling underwear and t-shirt
The company claims the specially treated fabric kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and fungi. Organic Basics/Kickstarter

You can't help but admire the fruits of Scandinavian genius — from tree hotels to flat-packed furniture to, well, the fruit of their loom.

That's right — Nordic ingenuity may soon be making an appearance in your underwear.

A Danish company called Organic Basics has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its line of underpants that don't have to be washed for weeks on end. (And it doesn't involve the traditional method of reversing the underwear from inside to outside every second day.) The company claims its Silvertech fabric is based on NASA materials — and "kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and fungi build up as well as controlling odor."

"That means you can wear them more and wash them less."

Sure, some might argue that society is in steep decline when it becomes too lazy to change its underwear. But we're also living in a world where the work day is steadily creeping into our home lives, leading to ever-more hectic lifestyles. As such, not everyone finds the time to swap out their skivvies, much less wash them.

And that could lead to a host of serious health issues.

The Danish solution, however, would allow go-getters to stay focused on that big sales presentation, the annual conference in Milwaukee, or that crucial meeting with investors — without having to worry about what may be brewing in their nether regions.

And no, these aren't your daddy's diapers. These space-age materials leave a lean environmental footprint — less washing means less wasted water, as well as toxic detergents creeping into lakes and oceans.

(Although the company does suggest using your own discretion when deciding how often to wash them.)

Man looking inside washing machine.
Less time spent washing underwear means more time spent on the important things in life. Mik Lav/Shutterstock

What's more, Organic Basics claims the undergarments — there are matching T-shirts and socks for those looking to save even more time while keeping themselves sanitary — are made from recycled electronic, industrial and photographic waste.

That's a win not only for your private parts, but our planet, too.

* * *

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