"No Sheep for You"

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I can't draw you a diagram of how it happened, but knitting has become a choice medium for stylish, radical, TreeHuggers. The DIY movement is alive and well and it's got needles. Knitting has lent itself to displays of guerrilla art, symbolic activism, and graffiti. A new book, "No Sheep for You: Knit Happy with Cotton, Silk, Linen, Hemp, Bamboo, and Other Delights" is right in this vein, it would seem. It is the work of Amy R. Singer, a magnate of hip knitting and editor of Knitty. Clearly, the arsenal of eco-friendly yarns is growing and this book fits right in. Check out some threads we've followed here at TreeHugger, including recycled yarns like Repreve or Jimtex, and bamboo or corn varieties. "No Sheep" comes out in April 2007, is $22.95, and can be preordered. :: No Sheep For You via Hugg (Linton)