No Impact Week Is Sept 18-25 - Go on a Weekly Carbon & Waste Cleanse With YES! Magazine

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In case you weren't aware, next week starts No Impact Week--which not so coincidentally is at the same time as Climate Week NYC and ends with's Moving Planet event on Saturday the 24th. So join YES! Magazine and the No Impact Project in going on a one-week carbon cleanse from the 18th-25th.
Reducing your personal and family environmental impact is probably nothing new to avid TreeHugger readers, but even if you're an old hand at this, YES! brings up some important questions to consider that go beyond the metrics of greenhouse gas emissions, amount of waste reduced, items recycled, etc.

By focusing on living even greener for a week YES! says you'll be forced to: Address living well without modern so-called conveniences; think about "which expenses actually make me happy and improve my family's quality of life" and which ones "just eat away at my time and money"; and, importantly (it is Climate Week, even though really every week is climate week, recognized or not), start really thinking about what your carbon footprint is really like.

Interesting? Then register to participate--there's still time--and check out what YES! has in store for you.

Intimidated? YES! reminds us:

We do not want you to feel limited or overwhelmed by the ideas promoted by the No Impact Experiment. Define your experience. Do as much as you can and adapt it to your life. Like most challenges, the more you put into this, the more you'll get out of it.