Nissan's New Mobile Office Just Perfect for TreeHuggers

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A man works in his Nissan mobile office.

Courtesy of Nissan

Fixed offices are so 20th century when TreeHuggers have to be everywhere at once. That is why we so happy about the new Nissan NV200, which combines storage and usable interior space by pulling the interior out like a drawer when stopped, so that it is efficient and small while travelling, but gets good access to tools and great interior space when stopped. Instead of having to go back to the office to do our post, we can do it right on site, saving lots of time and fuel. Here it is set up for one of our famous underwater shoots, with all the camera and scuba gear at the ready.

nissan van photo

Nissan calls it "A Smart Business Tool of New Generation - for Active Professionals."


We think those two screens and comfy chair will make us so productive, without any wasted space, to follow the news wherever it is. Of course, we have ordered a hybrid with hemp upholstery and bioplastic body panels to be TreeHugger correct. Thank you Graham!


A substantial, rugged-looking exterior, combining a dramatic front cab with a traditional box-like storage space, creates an emotional looking body form never before seen in the LCV class.
* An interior created to combine efficiency and a human touch, mentally refreshing its occupants when traveling to or from a job site. The customizable cargo area houses a unique pod that can smartly accommodate a variety of business needs. The pod is divided into customizable trays and boxes for efficient storage of profession-specific equipment, materials, work gear and apparel.
* The displayed NV200 has been outfitted specifically for use by a professional ocean photographer. The work area is equipped with a remote control panel for a spider camera, as well as equipment for organizing and editing photographs and images while on assignment. ::Scifitech and ::winding road