A Nissan Leaf-Based Eco-Hearse Is Cleaning Up the Funeral Industry

©. Leverton & Sons

Some time back, I wrote a whole bunch of posts about how to green your funeral. One thing that there didn't seem to be much control over at the time, though, was the means of transport for the deceased.

With a growing interest in green funerals, however, that may finally be changing. Indeed Cleantechnica reports on a British funeral home that's offering a customized Nissan Leaf eco-hearse. The firm—Leverton & Sons in London—has long been an advocate for sustainable burial, including promoting biodegradable coffins and natural woodland burials. They apparently saw an all electric, emission-free hearse as the logical next step.

The hearse itself was created by Brahms Electric Vehicles, which purchased donor Nissan Leafs on the used car market and then "upcycled" them into working hearses. The vehicle apparently even won "best new product" at the Good Funeral Awards. If you think about it, hearses may be an ideal showcase for electric vehicle technology, where quietness and smoothness of ride are of maximum importance.

I hope all hearses are electric when my time comes. In fact, I hope they've been electric for a very long time by that point...