Nissan to Launch 15 Hybrids by 2016

Nissan Resonance Concept hybrid
©. Nissan

© Nissan

Agnostic About Hybrids But Fanatical About EVs

The photo above shows the Nissan Resonance concept. What's most interesting about it is its hybrid drivetrain. Nissan's executive VP Andy Palmer has recently told Automobile Magazine that this hybrid system is about to go forth and multiply. Indeed, Nissan has apparently decided to to take the Toyota approach and create hybrid versions of most vehicles in its lineup. Mr. Palmer has said that his company will launch 15 new hybrids by 2016, with Altima, Murano, and Pathfinder hybrids within a couple of years (I think they're counting the Altima hybrid as a new hybrid since they stopped making it in 2011).

Nissan Resonance Concept hybrid

© NissanThere's a particularly juicy quote in the Automobile interview:

Overall, Palmer says Nissan is “agnostic” about hybrids — the company will employ them if necessary, but doesn’t believe they are the only powertrain solution. By contrast, he says the company is “fanatical” about full-electrics like the Leaf. (source)

Which I think says a lot about Nissan's determination, from Carlos Ghosn all the way down, to make electric cars work. Hybrids are a step in the right direction, but even the best gas-electric hybrid will never compare in environmental performance to a fully electric vehicle that was charged with energy from clean sources.

Via Automobile Magazine

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