Nissan Announces LEAF Purchase and Lease Pricing

Nissan Leaf electric car photo
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Nissan's fully-electric LEAF will hit the US market by the end of this year, but until now, pricing has been only rumor and hearsay. The fully-electric four-door will hit select markets in December and go nationwide in 2011. The price for the basic model is $32,780, but a federal tax credit of $7,500 brings it to $25,280. Individual states also have tax rebate programs, which brings the price down further; California and Georgia both offer an additional $5,000 rebate. To charge the LEAF at home, customers will have to buy an install a special charger, which Nissan estimates will cost $2,200 installed. Although Nissan has backed down on plans for a split sell/lease program for the car and battery, the entire LEAF can be leased for $349 per month.
More on the reservation process below.

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Nissan starts taking reservations on April 20th, and will begin with those who have signed up at Paying a refundable $99 reservation fee ensures a spot on the firm order list, which will open to everyone in August. The first LEAF models will reach chosen US markets in December, and the whole country by next year.

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The basic SV trim level of the LEAF comes with a custom navigation system, internet and smartphone connectivity, Bluetooth, six airbags, and will include the pre-heat/cool system we saw demonstrated in Japan last year. Stepping up to the SL trim level, costing an additional $940, offers a solar rear spoiler, rearview monitor, fog lights and automatic headlights.

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