Newsweek Ranks the Top Green Businesses

Dell took a number of steps to green its footprint. (Photo: Philip Schatz [CC BY 2.0]/Flickr)

The Newsweek Green Rankings are available and technology firms fill four of the top five spots. The Green Rankings look at America’s 500 largest corporations and rank them according to their environmental commitments. Hewlett-Packard takes the overall top spot. The tech giant was recognized for its greenhouse gas emission reduction programs.

Each of the 500 companies was scored in four different areas: Green Score, Environmental Impact Score, Green Policies and Performance Score, and Reputation Survey Score. The companies’ scores in each category were ranked by industry and overall. Hewlett-Packard received the top scores for the Industry Sector in the Green Score, Green Policies and Performance score, and Reputation Survey Score categories. The company was ranked 24th in the technology industry for their Environmental Impact Score.

Dell’s scores garnered the company the number two spot on the Newsweek Green Rankings top 500. The company was also second in the tech industry. Dell uses 100 percent renewable energy to power its headquarters. According to Newsweek, Dell “Became carbon neutral in 2008 by using offsets and other methods; plans to maintain its carbon neutrality for the next five years. Leads the industry with its product take-back and recycling programs.” Source: Newsweek

Although Dell’s second-place ranking, both in the Industry Sector and among the Top 500 is fantastic, the company received the highest overall score in the Green Policies and Performance section. The company’s climate change policies and performance, pollution policies and performance, product impact, environmental stewardship, and management of environmental issues were all assessed during the ranking process.

Johnson & Johnson, Intel and IBM rounded out the top five companies on the Newsweek Green Rankings list. Another notable inclusion on the list is Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE). The bottling giant ranked the highest among the food and beverage companies on the list. Coca-Cola came in just behind CCE in the number two spot for the food and beverage industry.

CCE has a separate subsidiary that focuses on a goal of recycling 100 percent of their bottles and packing products. The company is also working to reduce the amount of water that it uses in during the drink bottling process.

Although it is great to read about companies that are doing more to reduce their impact on the environment, I just had to take a sneak peek at the bottom of the barrel. Of the bottom 10 companies, six are in the utility sector, two are in the food and beverage industry, and two are in the basic materials industry.

The number 500 spot is filled by Peabody Energy with a Green Score of 1.0 and an Environmental Impact Score of .20. ConAgra Foods is in the 497th spot with a Green Score of 27.49 and an Environmental Impact Score of .40.

To see how well your favorite company ranked, visit the Newsweek Green Rankings website.