Newspaper House Taking Shape

An artist standing on a ladder builds a house structure of our newspapers.

Cate Gillon / Staff / Getty Images

Newspaper House is a public art installation: a "house" of newspapers. The public will be encouraged to collect newspapers they find lying around on the tube, bus, streets, public spaces, in their homes and bring them on location. Sumer Erek will lead the public to follow his instructions: including their personal news within the newspaper, rolling and adding it to the structure, hence contributing to building the house." It is now under construction in Gillett Square, and is being filled now for its official opening on March 8.

"We all believed that moving into the digital era would diminish the use of paper. On the contrary, there seems to be a resurgence of printed material and newspapers, much of it free and everywhere - yet we don't think much about where paper comes from and where it goes after we've used it."

A man dumps newspapers into a bin outside of Newspaper House exhibit.

Cate Gillon / Staff / Getty Images

"Newspapers pile up in our houses, lie on the streets and on public transport. The issue is not likely to disappear ; we must find creative ways to deal with it. We are urged to consume without thinking about how to discard. The first step is inviting people to think about and value the material itself, and to consider the issue of "waste".

We don't know what the R value of all that newspaper is but suspect that it is significant. This will be a warm little shed! ::Newspaper House