New Video From Ken Avidor: "My Bike Is Freedom"

Video screen capture. Ken Avidor via Youtube

At least until you ride it to a public meeting, where your bike is part of a vast, bike-wing conspiracy.

Cartoonist Ken Avidor and the Avidor Family Singers have produced a lovely video, My bike is Freedom, that shows a happy woman cycling in normal clothes on a normal bike, interspersed with all the typical bikelash stuff; it's too dangerous, you need a helmet, and bike lanes are a war on the car.

I was going to use the image of the happy woman, singing on a bike, but then I read Doug Gordon's horror story in Streetsblog, about a public meeting on proposed traffic calming in Park Slope. Gordon writes:

The tone of last night’s meeting on the Ninth Street traffic-calming project in Park Slope was set by an incendiary flier distributed in the neighborhood. It asked people what they would do if their “house were on fire and the ambulances and fire trucks couldn’t get to you in time because of narrowed streets cause by bike lanes.”

It really sounds like a rough night, that ended with some shoving and middle fingers. "...the meeting featured such events’ typical bikelash bingo: people leveling disproved claims that bike lanes have slowed emergency-response times, others establishing their bona fides by describing the length of their residency, and still others complaining about scofflaw cyclists."

bikelash bingo

Ken Avidor/CC BY 2.0

Ken Avidor has drawn up a new version of the Bikelash Bingo card that Doug Gordon might want to print out for the next meeting. Ken tells us that "there are several versions of the Anti-Bike Bingo card on the web. I used some of them to make my version. It's amazing how accurate it is at meetings I used to go to." I show a few in related links below. And Peter Kaufman makes a good point:

Let's end with the happy woman cycling in sunshine:

My bike is freedom screen shot

Ken Avidor via Youtube/Video screen capture