New Search Engine Fights Climate Change With Trees

ecocho green search engine
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Planting trees as a way to offset carbon emissions is a bit controversial, since a lot more has to happen to change the plight of Arctic ice than putting trees in the ground. However, reforestation is an absolute must so planting trees is pretty cool, even if it is under the guise of reversing global warming.

Going farther than just a search tool bar, Ecocho is a whole search engine that plants trees based on search counts. And while green search engines are nothing new, Ecocho has a neat twist. There also is no doubt that using the internet creates emissions, what with the massive amount of energy data servers use, the electricity it takes to run computers and so on. So Ecocho is trying to make a difference.

For every 1000 searches that users make on, five trees will be grown to offset carbon pollution emissions. Switching to doesn't alter or slow your search. Search results are displayed via technology you already know and trust - Yahoo!

A lot of green search engines help you to find specific info related to green. Ecocho doesn't narrow your results, but instead offsets the search itself. The site buys carbon offsets, which goes towards planting trees through government-accredited projects, and the trees help remove CO2 from the air.

So if you like Yahoo as a search engine, and you like knowing that your searches are doing something useful beyond giving you the info you’re seeking, you might want to give Ecocho a shot.