Dogs That Like Beer Now Have a Safe Option

Good Boy Dog Beer is non-alcoholic and can even be poured on top of dog food for extra flavor. (Photo: Good Boy Dog Beer)

We used to have a dog, Sedona, who loved to lick beer bottles. My husband enjoyed tipping the bottle when it was just about empty to give her the last few drops and watch her go crazy over it. It never seemed to do any harm to Sedona, but we have friends who more recently had to spend quite a bit of money at the vet when their small dog developed a bit of a drinking habit. Alcohol, it turns out, is not so great for dogs.

For those dogs out there who just can't seem to get enough, there are alternatives that won't make them sick.

Megan and Steve Long in Houston, Texas decided to create their own 'beer' for their dog after realizing their Rottweiler, Rocky, suffered from several food allergies and sensitivities. They wanted him to be enjoy a drink that was delicious and nutritious.

"Then our friends started asking for it. We were like, everybody wants this? It turned into a business," Megan told KHOU.

non-alcoholic dog beer cans
Good Boy Dog Beer comes in four different flavors. (Photo: Good Boy Dog Beer)

After that, they started their own company, Good Boy Dog Beer, and created four different types of 'beers' that are pork, chicken, peanut or vegetable based and full of herbs and spices. It can be served alone in a drinking bowl or even poured on top of dog food as a tasty addition.

"The number one question we get asked is, 'Can humans drink it?' The answer is yes, absolutely," Megan said. "Because it’s for dogs, that’s the flavor profile we’re going for. There’s no sodium, so it’s really bland. But I’ve tried all of them."

At $18 for a four-pack, the cost seems a bit prohibitive for daily consumption for the average American dog, but I can definitely imagine some people will find this a welcome gift option.