New Marine Species Found in the Deeps of Celebes Sea

red jellyfish
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Yes, we know - we're suckers for new species discoveries. The latest deep sea beastie roundup comes courtesy of an international research team that has just returned from the secluded Celebes Sea in Southeast Asia. The expedition - led by American Larry Madin, the director of research at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) - sought to explore one of the world's deepest and least studied ocean basins, a highly diverse habitat believed to host some of the oceans' oldest residents.

Among the numerous specimens they brought back from the frigid depths, several never before seen species stood out - including a spiny orange worm with tentacles growing out of its head, a black jellyfish and a black-eyed squid.


Larry Madin described the purpose of the expedition as "going back to the source," explaining that the Celebes Sea was "probably the center where many of the species evolved and spread to other parts of the ocean."