New Eggbeater VAWT Design Claims 35% More Power Than Competitors

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©. Harvistor

© Harvistor
A new iteration of the Darrieus "eggbeater" vertical axis wind turbine is claimed to produce 35% more annual kilowatt hours than any other wind turbine at the same price point and swept area. The new version of the turbine is also said to be able to produce that much more power at a mounting point 25% lower than their competitors, making it possible to keep the generation of electricity closer to the point of use.

The DARWIND5 turbine, a five blade wind generator said to be effective in turbulent (semi-laminar flow) wind sites, comes from Harvistor, a Canadian company making advances in the small wind market. According to the company, they are the "world's first designer and licenser" of low-mount small wind turbines, and this new version of their generator could be another solution answer for small wind power needs in areas where other turbines fail short:

"The DARWIND5's new advanced airfoil, blade shape, and Smart Pitch Angle Regulation "SPAR" system combine to deliver quiet, responsive power generation in low mount turbulent wind sites where no other competitor dares to go. 35% MORE KILOWATT Hours than the same priced, same sized leading competitor at a 25% lower mount height." - Harvistor

According to Gizmag, the performance of the DARWIND5 was boosted through the use of new airfoil shapes, "which allow the rotor system to completely avoid power-robbing dynamic stall, a reaction that occurs when airfoils rapidly change the angle of attack."
The turbine, which can be tilted for cleaning or repair, is 1.9 meters tall, with a 1.2 meter working diameter, and can operate in wind speeds from 4 m/s to 24 m/s. Prices on the company's site range from CDN $4,295.00 for the 500 W version, to $6.995.00 for the 1.5kW turbine, and Harvistor claims that buyers can see a return on their investment in 5 to 7 years.