Dinosaur 7x Bigger Than T-Rex Discovered

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CC BY 2.0. Kenneth Lacovara surrounded by the skeleton of Dreadnoughtus schrani. Photo cred: Kenneth Lacovara

First we thought T-Rex was the largest dinosaur, then we thought it was Spinosaurus, but it turns out there's a bigger land walker out there: Dreadnoughtus schrani.

Dreadnoughtus (meaning "fears nothing") was discovered in Argentina back in 2005 and uncovered gradually over four years; scientists have been working on it ever since, only to release their findings now.

"With a body the size of a house, the weight of a herd of elephants, and a weaponized tail, Dreadnoughtus would have feared nothing," said.Dr. Kenneth Lacovara, who discovered the skeleton, in a press release. "I think it's time the herbivores get their due for being the toughest creatures in an environment."

And it is huge. From tail to head it measures 85 feet long with a heigh of 30 meters.

“We’ve got 16 tons of bone in my lab right now,” Lacovara told the New York Times. “The stomach is larger than a draft horse, so they can leave this stuff laying in their stomach for who knows how long — maybe months, probably.”

Lacovara and his team were lucky with this find - 70 percent of Dreadnoughtus' bones are represented, making it easier for them to analyse. Other specimens from the same group - titanosaurs - have not been as complete. Argentinosaurus, for example, was found with only 6 vertebrae and other bits and pieces. It might be bigger than Dreadnoughtus, but without a more complete skeleton, it's impossible to tell.

One of the most surprising findings about Dreadnoughtus? Scientists believe it hadn't grown to full adult form - so it could have been even bigger. But remember, nothing is bigger than a blue whale.