New Cheaper, Simpler Phonophone Amplifies Your iPhone Without Batteries

tristan zimmerman science and sons phonophone photo
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images credit Science + Sons

Three years ago we showed theoriginal Phonophone, which amplified your iPod without batteries. The science behind it was the same as those old record players with the big horn; Wikipedia explained that "Acoustic horns convert large pressure variations with a small displacement into a low pressure variation with a large displacement." But the original Phonophone was large and expensive at $875.

Now the designers contradict their own motto, "To put a song in your heart, and a hole in your wallet", by introducing Phonophone III for only $195.

tristan zimmerman science and sons phonophone photo

The designers at Science and Sons have done a terrific job of value engineering the Phonophone; I think it looks more elegant and appears to work even better than the original; they claim that "This clever device amplifies the volume emitted from an iPhone internal speaker roughly 4x (approx. 60 decibels). "

tristan zimmerman science and sons phonophone photo

The origins of Science and Sons are obscure; three years ago their website described it thusly:

"Today, If anything at all, [Science and Sons] is mostly a Toronto based design collaborative between Heather Schibli and Tristan Zimmermann. The couple claim that rumors of their binge drinking, legendary decadence, and tumultuous romance should not draw focus away from the values of their creative pursuits."

Today they simply say:

"We truly excel at generating the bestest ideas, drinking the freshest coffee and playing the squashest racquets."

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