New Banksy "Throw Up" Street Art Uses Flowers in Unusual Way

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We love Banksy here at TreeHugger. He's probably the most well-known graffiti artist in the world and has used his power to raise awareness of important issues related to the environment, such as global warming, the BP oil spill, consumerism, sprawl and deforestation.

His latest piece, titled Better Out Than In, shows a graffiti artist throwing up flowers.

TreeHugger commenter DeathPinkStar explained that "throw up" is graffiti slang. Here's the definition from Wikipedia:

A throw-up or "throwie" sits between a tag and a bomb in terms of complexity and time investment. It generally consists of a one color outline and one layer of fill-color. Easy-to-paint bubble shapes often form the letters. A throw-up is designed for quick execution, to avoid attracting attention to the writer. Throw-ups are often utilized by writers who wish to achieve a large number of tags while competing with rival artists. Most artists have both a tag and a throw-up that are essentially fixed compared to pieces. It is mostly so because they need to have a recognizable logo for others to identify them and their own individual styles.

As with all art, the message or symbolism behind the image is up to the viewer to interpret, but it makes me think Banksy is alluding to creativity, ideas or nature itself. When you have an idea you're passionate about, it can take everything you have to hold it in and resist sharing it with the world. Whatever the meaning, it is always interesting to see the latest work from this globally-recognized artist.

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via Brock Cardiner