New App Helps You Avoid Food Waste While Prepping Meals

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'Meal Prep Mate' gives valuable storing, cooking, and portioning advice.

Did you know that 40 percent of food sold in the United States for human consumption never gets eaten? This translates to $218 billion lost, which includes the cost of food wasted on the consumer and retail levels, wasted water, energy, fertilizers, cropland and production costs. It works out to a shocking $1,500 thrown away each year by the average family of four, and 20 pounds of food wasted monthly by each individual.

This situation has to change. Food waste emits methane when it decomposes, which is a greenhouse gas 86 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Food is currently the single largest contributor to U.S. landfills, while one in 8 Americans doesn't have enough food on the table.

Save The Food is a campaign that has been fighting to reduce household food waste since 2016, and it has a new tool in its anti-food waste arsenal – a free app called Meal Prep Mate. As meal-prepping becomes more popular as a way to save time and keep healthy eating on track, plenty of resources have become available online, but none focuses on eliminating food waste.

Meal Prep Mate, by contrast, is designed with this goal in mind. Users can make their own customized meal prep plan or choose an existing one. They input the number of people eating and the number of days they're prepping for, and Meal Prep Mate will provide a tailored shopping list, pre-designed recipes, and accurate portioning for every meal.

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The app provides a 'waste-less guide' for how best to store and use up ingredients, and a 'remix meal' guide for spicing up prepped food mid-week and keeping culinary boredom at bay.

"As the newest tool in the arsenal of Save The Food innovations, Meal Prep Mate is bringing something new to the market that consumers need, allowing meal preppers to better prepare for the week while also saving money and the environment," said Lisa Sherman, president of the Ad Council that partnered with Save The Food and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) to create the app.