Nevada’s Green Jobs Bill

Nevada legislators want to create more green jobs. (Photo: Ken Lund [CC by SA-2.0]/Flickr)

Nevada State Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford has introduced a green jobs bill to help the state train approximately 3,200 workers.

SB152 is “an act relating to energy; providing for the training of persons to perform jobs which promote energy efficiency; requiring governmental entities to perform certain functions to promote energy efficiency; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.” Source: Nevada Legislature (PDF)

If passed, SB152 would use federal stimulus dollars for worker training as well as weatherizing upgrades on low-income housing projects. Nevada is one of states most severely affected by the state of the U.S. economy, the foreclosure rates in the state are sky high and December unemployment topped 9 percent.

The Nevada Legislature allows the public to comment directly on any bill. As of this posting, there are three comments on SB152; two are against and one is for the initiative. One of the anonymous against comments states, “More green-washing forcing people to spend more money on technology which is still in the research phase.” Source: Nevada Legislature

If you would like to weigh in on the issue, you can submit a comment live on the Nevada Legislature page or contact your local legislator.