Netflix Tugs on Our Heartstrings With 'Dogs'

Netflix has a new show coming called 'Dogs.'.

Netflix knows that when you curl up to binge, there's a good chance your dog is in your lap or at least upside-down on the couch next to you. So why not give the viewers what they want?

The documentary series "Dogs" is just that: six stories of the undeniable bonds between people and their four-legged best friends. The heart-warming tales take place across the world, following dogs in Syria, Japan, Costa Rica, Italy and the United States.

"As a filmmaker, I wanted to do tremendous justice to these beautiful beings and share their stories to remind us of what's possible in humanity," said director and executive producer Amy Berg. "And yes, I was hiding my tears in my director's monitor as we were filming certain scenes. In these volatile divided times, 'Dogs' feels more necessary than ever. All six episodes are love stories. The show embodies what we need most in our world: connection, love and hope."

Ice stands guard near Lake Como, Italy.
Ice stands guard near Lake Como, Italy. 'Dogs'/Netflix

For example, in Italy, there's the story of Ice. In a town off Italy's Lake Como, fisherman Alessandro depends on Ice, his 10-year-old Labrador, to assist with the family business as tourist season nears. Ice stands guard and helps as much as he can, even in the harrowing winter months.

Dogs run at a sanctuary in the Costa Rican rainforest.
Dogs run at a sanctuary in Costa Rica's rainforest. 'Dogs'/Netflix

Another episode centers on a sanctuary in the rainforest in Costa Rica where thousands of dogs are sheltered from life on the street. The people who run Territorio de Zeguates dedicate their lives to saving these dogs, often at their own expense. But there's concern that the organization may run out of resources to care for their canine charges.

Rory is trained to detect Corrine's seizures.
Rory is trained to detect Corrine's seizures. 'Dogs'/Netflix

Fluffy Rory is little Corrine's best friend. But the service dog has also been trained to detect the 11-year-old's traumatic seizures as they are happening. The two have an incredible bond and unbreakable trust. The episode shows how dogs can play such a vital role in helping people with health and well-being.

While all these stories are special, director Berg says the heart of the show is the second episode. It tells the story of a Syrian refugee, Ayham, who is trying to reunite with his Siberian husky, Zeus, in war-torn Damascus. Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives in the Syrian conflict and millions have fled the country.

"It’s easy to dismiss or turn away from unsettling news. But it's impossible to turn away from the universal love between Ayham and Zeus. Their story reminds us of the best of humanity and the extraordinary lengths people will go for love," Berg says.

You can get a taste of all these stories and more of what to expect with "Dogs" in the video at the top of this file.

"Dogs" premieres on Nov. 16 on Netflix.