Nestron's Cube Two X Is a Futuristic Small and Smart Prefab

This smart living pod is sleek and smart.

Nestron Cube X Two exterior


There is a whole range of possibilities when it comes to prefabricated modular housing. Some prefabs might be as simple as a cabin in the woods or a home office in the backyard; others are designed as stackable and programmable smart homes, perhaps strong enough to withstand natural disasters or for seniors looking to age in place affordably.

Whatever the possibilities may be, the prefab industry continues to evolve. Singapore-based Nestron is yet another contender in this ever-expanding field, now offering the Nestron Cube Two X (C2X).

The Cube Two Grows Up

This rather futuristic-looking smart living pod measures a relatively generous 377 square feet (35 square meters)—a sizable increase in floor area compared to the company's 280-square-foot (26-square-meter) Cube Two of the same series, which was launched back in 2020. Additionally, the Cube Two X comes in two versions: either a one-bedroom or two-bedroom unit with different floor layouts within the same footprint.

Nestron Cube X Two exterior


Similar to the preceding Cube Two, the 18,000-pound (8,000-kilogram) Cube Two X sports an ultra-sleek exterior that features an insulated, galvanized steel frame with fiberglass reinforced panels, which the company says was designed to weather out natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and typhoons. However, the company notes that further fortifications can be done for clients looking for something even more resistant.

Nestron Cube Two X plans


In terms of dimensions, the Cube Two X measures 32.8 feet (10 meters) in length, 11.4 feet (3.5 meters) wide, and a decent 10.2 feet (3.1 meters) high. The facade features large windows to maximize the amount of natural light entering the home, as well as an asymmetrical double-leaf entry door that looks elegant, yet functionally allows for larger items to pass through when both parts of the door are fully open. There is a dedicated mechanical and electrical room at the rear of the unit, which permits maintenance to be performed without having to enter the home itself.

Nestron Cube Two X exterior


Seen here in its one-bedroom iteration, the interior of the Cube Two X comes fully furnished and leans decidedly toward the direction of a cutting-edge aesthetic.

Nestron Cube Two X interior


The Cube Two X's Smart-Home Features

As one might expect from such a sci-fi-worthy dwelling, the Cube Two X is packed with a full array of smart-home features, like digital locks, motion-sensing lights, a digital music player, and electrically operated blinds. Optional add-ons include things like a solar power system, smart mirrors, smart toilets, smart tablets that can be mounted to the wall, as well as other choices for smart furnishings, finishes, appliances, and even a hidden projector screen system in the living room, perfect for watching movies.

While the smart systems of Cube Two X can be operated in conjunction with platforms like Amazon's Alexa or Google Home, Nestron is also developing its own AI system, dubbed "Canny," which seamlessly integrates the daily smart living experience of inhabitants.

Here is a rendering of the kitchen in the one-bedroom version of the Cube Two X, which has the optional standard-sized washing machine under the counter, a double-door refrigerator, and a dining area. An induction cooktop comes standard, but it seems that here we have the "invisible electric stove" shown here. The wall-mounted smart tablet allows homeowners to control things like music selection, receiving notifications, or see who's at the door when the doorbell rings.

Nestron Cube Two X kitchen


Clever Design

The ceilings are pretty high here, and that height is accentuated with the addition of a window in the living room that wraps around both wall and roof.

The living room itself has a sofa that can convert into a bed, allowing guests to stay over. There are plenty of storage cabinets available here and in the rest of the home for storing things.

Nestron Cube Two X living room


Here's that integrated projector and a screen that both retract out of the ceiling.

Nestron Cube Two X projector


In the bedroom, we have a large bed, a streamlined storage alcove behind it, integrated motion sensor strip lighting above and below the bed, and a floor-to-ceiling closet with translucent doors.

Nestron Cube Two X bedroom


The bathroom features wet and dry zones, so that all water-based activities take place in the wet zone, preventing any build-up of moisture and mildew.

Nestron Cube Two X bathroom


According to the company, 90% of the materials used to fabricate the Cube Two X can be recycled at the end of its life cycle. In addition, the company offers a 50-year warranty on the structure. Pricing starts at $98,000, with shipping available worldwide.

To find out more, visit Nestron or check out the short video tour below.