Neematic's Powerful 50 Mph FR/1 Breaks the E-Bike Mold

©. Neematic

With a massive 15 kW motor and 2.2 kWh battery, the FR/1 is smoking fast and has a 62-mile range per charge.

Although many e-bike companies are choosing to build their models so that they seem more like traditional bicycles, some companies are breaking out of that mindset, and are instead developing incredibly powerful electric bikes that make no bones about the fact that they're powered, such as Neematic is doing with its forthcoming FR/1 model.

Neematic FR/1 e-bike

© NeematicWith descriptors such as "extreme performance" and "world's most powerful electric bike," along with a price tag to match, Neematic is building a business around a new market that lies somewhere between mountain bike and dirt bike. Its offroad FR/1 has some seriously burly specs, with the motive force coming from a powerful 15 kW (peak) mid-drive motor, powered by an equally brawny 2.2 kWh lithium ion battery pack, and mounted onto a frame equipped with both front and rear suspension. The bike also integrates a 9-speed gearbox for optimal riding and better "bike-feel," regenerative braking, a pair of bombproof disc brakes, and the choice of using the electric drive in either throttle mode (twist to accelerate) or pedal assist.

According to Neematic, the FR/1 is capable of hitting a top speed of 80 kph (~49.7 mph), with a range per charge of about 100 km (~62 miles) and a 2.5 hour charge time, but all of that power comes with a bit of a compromise in terms of weight, as the bike weighs in at a hefty 52 kg (~114.6 lb). This bike is clearly not your average commuter e-bike, and is intended for offroad use, perhaps replacing dirt bikes instead of conventional bicycles, so maybe the weight isn't that big of an issue for its target market.

Neematic FR/1 e-bike

© Neematic

The company has been working on its electric bike for a few years, and displayed its prototype Neematic Freeride model to the public in 2016, and is now taking reservations for the first limited production run of the FR/1, which is expected to ship to 50 buyers in summer of 2018. A refundable deposit of €200 will reserve a unit, but this powerful e-bike will set you back a pretty penny, as its full cost will be some €8000 (~US$9,100) plus VAT and shipping costs. More info is available at Neematic.