Need a Drinking Water Fountain? There's an App for That

CC BY 2.0. Darwin Bell

Darwin Bell/CC BY 2.0

We know disposable drinking water bottles are bad news. And we also know that drinking bottled water isn't necessarily better than drinking tap water. So instead of heading to the corner store to pick up some water, grab this free Android app and locate the nearest drinking water fountain (and help crowdsource the data by adding to it)!

It used to be fairly common to find drinking fountains in most public places, but the sad fact is, they seem to be disappearing. But a new initiative from Pacific Institute could start to change that trend. Their new WeTap app uses the world's largest crowd-sourced database of drinking water sources, to map new ones, and to report any broken fountains so they can be fixed and put into service.

WeTap App

WeTap/Screen capture

"One of the reasons for the explosive growth in the sales of bottled water is the disappearance of public drinking water fountains. We came up with WeTap because we need our public water fountains to be maintained, cleaned, and made even more widely available, and we need to be vocal in fighting the trend to eliminate public water fountains." - Dr. Peter Gleick, president of Pacific Institute and author of Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water

WeTap users can quickly add or modify information about public drinking water fountains right from their smartphones, uploading the location of fountains, their condition, the quality of water, and even adding a comment or a photo.

And for those non-Android and non-smartphone users, the drinking water fountain map is available online:

Grab the free WeTap app at the Android Market, and start helping the rebirth of the drinking water fountain renaissance!