Neat Little Shipping Container Prefab Built in Bangkok

site-specific two container house family photo
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Thai designer Chutayaves Sinthuphan of Site-Specific first made a splash in these pages witha demonstration project at a home show; now they show us a neat little one-bedroom house built from two 20 foot containers designed for hot, humid climates.

site-specific two container house detail photo

According to Site-Specific's website:

This small container home was built by our collaborator – BlueBrown recently. It is a small home with one bedroom, one bathroom and a living area for a young family in Thailand.
It was designed using two twenty-foot containers and a prefabricated bathroom unit, as an exercise in the making of a good, affordable housing for Thais which our government cannot seems to manage.
site-specific two container house overall photo
This home is on the outskirt of Bangkok where temperature is always high. The house is insulated with recycled insulation material with a layer of roof above the containers to prevent the heat transmission into habitable areas.
bangkok container housing