Nature Disappears Online for World Wildlife Day

Groups and teams erase nature from logos for #WorldWithoutNature campaign.

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Nature-filled logos have been erased to send a message. Kittaya Mangruan / EyeEm / Getty Images

Logos might look a little different as you browse online today. It’s World Wildlife Day (March 3) and in honor of the occasion, several nature groups are erasing nature from their logos. 

For the #WorldWithoutNature campaign, many organizations, sports teams, and brands are removing animals, trees, and any other form of nature from their branding. The goal is to highlight how important nature is in everyday life and the risks that a loss of biodiversity poses across the planet.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF)’s famous panda has disappeared for the first time in 60 years. 

WWFF logo with and without panda

"World Wildlife Fund turns 60 this year. Six decades raising the alarm for wildlife. Across seven continents. In nearly 100 countries. All working together, uniting behind one iconic panda logo," Terry Macko, CMO of the WWF in the U.S., tells Treehugger.

"Our iconic logo has disappeared from our website homepage and social media profile photos today, World Wildlife Day, to symbolically demonstrate that too many species are vanishing from the planet itself. According to WWF’s 2020 Living Planet Report, wildlife populations have declined by 68% in the last 40 years. 2021 is a critical year for nature. This campaign demonstrates those animals that we love — like the panda — are at risk if we don’t act now.”

Nature Organizations Make a Statement

The Nature Conservancy’s logo is just a green circle today.

“On World Wildlife Day, we’ve shed the oak leaves from our logo in a call to curb species loss,” it says on the organization’s website.

The group shares the stories of nine places where people and nature are thriving together. “For these local heroes, imagining a world without wildlife isn’t an option—nature is personal."

There are people in Colombia who are rebuilding forests through ranching. There are the indigenous leaders who achieved protection for 6.5 million acres in Canada. And in Kenya, wildlife corridors have opened up due to innovative lease agreements with landowners.

“By joining with our Voice for the Planet allies on World Wildlife Day 2021, we’re proud to be making a stand against the threat of a #WorldWithoutWildlife. Science tells us this isn’t an abstract prospect, but a very real possibility if humans continue to deplete Earth’s ecosystems, trade species at unsustainable levels, and accelerate the climate crisis at current rates,” Meg Goldthwaite, The Nature Conservancy’s chief marketing and communications officer, said in a statement.

“As a communicator and brand champion, I understand how organizations have to protect their branding in the digital age – but this is nothing compared to how fiercely we need to defend and restore the natural world from runaway climate change and biodiversity collapse.”
Other nature organizations also removed nature from their logos.

BirdLife International, a partnership of conservation organizations that works to preserve birds and their habitats, removed the tern from its logo.

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the U.K.’s largest nature conservation charity, erased its avocet from its logo.

Teams and Brands Join In

Many sports teams — primarily European soccer clubs — also took the challenge on Twitter.

The London City Lionesses, a women’s professional soccer team in Dartford, England, removed the lion from the team’s logo.

The Aston Villa professional soccer club based in Aston, Birmingham also removed its lion.

And the Wolves in West Midlands, England, erased their wolf for the day.

Some companies are also showing support.

Brewdog made its dog disappear, saying, “Our world, just like our logo, is nothing without nature.”

Hilltop Honey removed its bee. Cosy Owl candlemakers erased its owl.

And wildlife fans on social media are calling on companies to remove their animals and trees, even Photoshopping the images for them, in case they need a little nudge.

In addition to asking organizations, brands, and teams to change their nature-filled logos, the WWF is encouraging people to show their support by signing a pledge for the planet.

"Anyone can take part and honor World Wildlife Day today by showing love and taking action for the planet," the WWF's Macko says. "The #Worldwithoutnature campaign is about showing people who don’t think about these issues every day that they could lose nature too – and that they are part of the solution."

Editor's note: If we had a tree in our Treehugger logo, we'd certainly make it disappear today.