Yo! Whale Swims in Brooklyn: Humpback Spotted New York Harbor (Videos)

A wayward whale swimming around in New York harbor provides the excitement which comes only with our reconnecting with our natural world - woot! The whale, possibly a humpback, was first noticed Wednesday and the coast guard set up a safety zone to protect the twenty-foot whale from collisions with commercial shipping vessels -- there's an awesome aerial shot with the beautiful beastie surrounded by four boats protecting it. Once more with feeling: four boats cradling it almost with palpable, technologically-enabled love. Just last September, an acoustic monitoring program was established by the Bioacoustics Research Program at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in alliance with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for this very reason: to track whales' seasonal migration patterns and provide information to New York state policymakers who develop strategies and management plans to protect these threatened mammals.This listening system originated with the thirteen high-tech buoys deployed around Massachusetts Bay which sounds an alarm to ship captains warning them of the presence of whales so that they will reduce the sped of their vessels to 10 knots. That project itself originated from the plight of the right whale: less than 400 right whales remain alive on the planet today and conservationists long have been sounding the alarm of the species’s imminent extinction.

Awesome raw footage of tail flip:

Whale Sighting Draws Crowds:

via EcoWonk: Whale in New York Harbor Spotted

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