What?! China Developers to Flatten 700 Mountains to Build New City

Moving Mountains... Literally

After years of hearing tales of the huge scale of everything in China, we tend to get desensitized. We don't really feel the scale, we just hear abstract numbers. But in this case, I want to highlight extra hard just how crazy huge this is: One of the largest developers in China, the China Pacific Construction Group, is planning to spend around 22 billion yuans (3.5 billion dollars) to flatten 700 mountains in the Lanzhou area, to allow the construction of a new giant city over an area of 130,000 hectares about 50 miles from the current city.

"Lanzhou, home to 3.6 million people alongside the silty Yellow River, already has major environmental concerns. Last year the World Health Organisation named it the city with the worst air pollution in China. The city's main industries include textiles, fertiliser production and metallurgy." (source)

Above is a view of what Lanzhou looks like. Notice the Lanshan mountains in the background. These aren't just small hills... And the region is quite arid, which means that a big increase in population could put pressure on water resources.

People need places to live, that's totally understandable. But let's work with nature, not against it, and do things properly.

Via Guardian

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