Winners of the WWF Video Competition: Not 'Murmuration,' Just Wonderful

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With all the controversy over that Viral 'Murmuration' Video, you would think that the winners of a recent WWF short film competition would be big news. Not so much. Two films, "The Runner" and "Life. Nature. You," took home the top prizes in the contest. The "Murmuration" video, showing the magical movement of thousands of starlings, took in lots of eyeballs, but not a trophy.

There's no disappointment here. Both these winning films are wonderful achievements. Wonderful. Both winners will be back as well, after receiving $10,000 each (at a minimum) to create short films this year for WWF. "The Runner" took home the jury prize. "Life. Nature. You" was chosen by popular vote. The winning short films (under 2 minutes by design) also were presented at the CMS Vatavaran film fest in Delhi, India.

“The Runner”
by Neil Losin of Los Angeles and Nathan Dappen of Miami, focuses on "breaking down the distinction between the man-made world and the natural one," the judges noted.

The Runner from Day's Edge Productions on Vimeo.

"Life. Nature. You.”
by Myles Thompson of Denmark, "encourages people to connect with nature, starting with places or things which are close by --- in this case, a small patch of grass in a back yard."

Life.Nature.You from Myles Thompson on Vimeo.

It's easy to see how "Life. Nature. You" may have charmed the judges. The title comes right from the name of the WWF video competition, held to celebrate the organization's 50th anniversary. That's gold.

The two winning films were called inspirational, innovative and moving by WWF. "Murmuration" wasn't mentioned in the announcement on the winners (it didn't make a judge's Short List, either). There were questions as to whether the "Murmuration" video included re-used footage, while the contest called for original footage. Either way, we've seen at least three great films come out of this. More than 260 films were submitted. Congrats to the winners (and thanks to the commenter who reminded me to follow up on this).

Winners of the WWF Video Competition: Not 'Murmuration,' Just Wonderful
'The Runner' and 'Life. Nature. You.' beat out 'Murmuration' and 200 others. Worth watching. They're short.

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