Wind Turbines Sprouting at Ski Resorts


foundation for wind turbine at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort

We have noted before that our snowboarding obsession, where we drive two hours each way to be electrically winched up a hill to ride down a clearcut trail on artificial snow made by pumping huge amounts of Georgian Bay water using massive KwHr of electricity, is not exactly treehugger correct. Ski resorts can see the writing on the wall as well, as global warming shortens the seasons and increases the costs for snowmaking; Warren notes how Aspen Skiing Company is building LEED ,and Eric describes Vail buying offsets. Mammoth Mountain Resort in California sits on top of a volcano and is drilling for geothermal to heat its buildings. Jiminy Peak is the first to install its own wind turbine, but there are now 19 ski resorts relying on 100% wind power, and 47 resorts using some kind of renewable energy. I feel better already. ::New York Times

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