What's the Greenest Way to Feed the Birds?

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Bonnie has looked at innovations in bird feeding before, and alerted us to Feed the Birds Day. Clearly feeding birds is a big priority for TreeHuggers everywhere. Now Lucy Siegle over at The Guardian is looking not just at whether we should feed the birds, but what is the greenest way to feed the birds:

Meanwhile, growing your own bird seed, such as millet, costs peanuts and negates shipping and trucking emissions. Or you can use food waste. We create plenty of it. Max McMurdo's Fat Bird kit (ilovefatbirds.co.uk) wins no prizes for political correctness, but is a fun silicon reusable mould for leftover fat and seed. McMurdo, the Jamie Oliver for avian visitors, has an accompanying Fat Cake recipe video on YouTube. Or there's the old half-a-coconut homemade version.

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