Whatever, Tigers and Pandas: Lesser-Known Endangered Species Need Help Too (Slideshow)

cat ba langur wcs endangered species photo

Photo by Tilo Nader (Primate Rescue and Research Center)/Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific

With thousands of species listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature -- and some 110,000 more at risk worldwide, according to top scientists -- picking a few to focus on is a daunting task. Do you select a handful of the most charismatic animals, in hopes of leveraging their inherent cuteness or coolness to create broader conservation awareness? Or do you provide an eclectic sampling of species that shows the vast diversity of creatures at risk?

In its "top 10 endangered species to watch in 2010," the World Wildlife Fund picked a handful of iconic critters, including the magnificent tiger, the cuddly giant panda, and the adorably quirky Magellanic penguin.

The Wildlife Conservation Society, however, took the opposite tack, listing the white-headed langur above, as well as a little-known cetacean, a fungus-threatened frog, and a bat once thought to be extinct in its "global snapshot of the world's most endangered animals."

Beyond Tigers and Pandas: Lesser-Known Endangered Species Need Help Too Slideshow
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