What is Yahoo! Doing with Goats?

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An internet giant's datacenter might not be the first place where you would expect to find a herd of goats, but if you happen to be at Yahoo!'s datacenter in Quincy, Washington, you could very well meet some very special employees working to clear out invasive weeds.
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"We opted for a creative - and greener - alternative to spraying the weeds with pesticides," says Christina Page, Yahoo Director of Climate and Energy Strategy. "We enlisted the help of Craig Madsen from Healing Hooves, and his herd of 252 goats to come visit for a few days. Goats eat just about anything, and it turns out, they find weeds particularly tasty, preferring them to the non-invasive grasses on the land." (source)

This is similar to what Google has been doing at its Mountainview HQ, or what the Rent-a-Ruminent company is offering, and it makes a lot of sense. No need for gas-powered mowers and toxic pesticides and herbicides.

The main environmental downside is that you have to drive the goats there, but that probably has a much lower impact, and if the use of goats becomes more common, they could live on the grounds of the facilities where they "work", or there would at least be one company renting goats in each city, reducing transportation needs..

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