What Is Santa's Carbon Footprint? [Infographic]

Ethical Ocean delves into the serious issue of Santa's carbon footprint. Seen by millions as a jolly old soul, this bearer of gifts and muncher of cookies also has a dark side -- a dark, polluting side that the environmental movement must address. [deep theatrical voice] For centuries we have allowed this to occur every single year but the toll now is too great. Just look at these disturbing calculations:

Santa's Carbon Footprint Infographic

via Ethical Ocean - eco friendly products, fair trade and vegan shopping.

Okay, dramatic fist-shaking aside, the infographic is a fun way to think about carbon footprints and reducing them where possible. Yes, we know Santa has a carbon footprint but the elves at the workshop refuse to divulge real numbers so we can't exactly rely on the guesstimates used for this infographic to demand real change. But we can trust the suggestions on how Santa might lighten his carbon footprint without lightening the joy and cheer. I especially like the revolutionary concept of changing from lumps of coal for naughty kids to renewable energy toys -- those brats might turn into the very people that lead us into a clean energy future all thanks to a savvy gift from Santa in their stocking.

What Is Santa's Carbon Footprint? [Infographic]
We know there has to be a carbon footprint to the Christmas Eve trek Santa makes every year. This fun infographic adds it up for us.

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