What is Funny About Flirting with Nature?

wild wonders of europe sexy ibex wagging its tongue photo

Image: detail of photograph, © Staffan Widstrand

Does the word "environment" trigger fears, worries and guilt? Then take the time for a peek into the beauty, the awesomeness, the restorative glory of nature. For those of you who do not yet regularly feast your eyes over at Wild Wonders of Europe, the blog is a great entry point. Hot off the presses: one of the project founders, Staffan Widstrand, shares his humorous observations on the sex life and art of flirting of the Spanish Ibex.

I guess most girls wouldn't find an old goat wagging his tongue about sexy. But in the mountains of Spain, the ritual marks the first steps towards true love. Girls, if you are fed up with the bathroom habits of your guys, Staffan's story will really amuse you.

wild wonders of europe fighting eagles competition photo

Image: Wild Wonders photo competition

While you are there, don't forget to survey the photos submitted for November's Wild Wonders photo competition, and vote for your favorite. The example shown here captures a golden eagle and a sea eagle fighting in Norway. If you have a great nature shot in your treasure trove, you can submit before the end of the month to get into the December competition.

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