This is what happens when a squirrel steals your GoPro camera (video)

Squirrel who stole a GoPro
Screen capture Youtube

And now for something on the lighter side of things, here's your dose of cuteness for the day. David Freiheit, a resident of Montreal, was apparently trying to get footage of a squirrel feeding on some bread when the little furry guy decided that the camera itself was kind of interesting. After dancing around it a bit to make sure it wasn't dangerous, it just went for it.

See for yourself:

The curious squirrel is quickly becoming internet-famous, with Freiheit's video closing in on a million views.

Not quite as scary as what happens when a grizzly bear steals your GoPro camera, though....

And definitely not as cool as the view from the back of a bird of prey doing 150 MPH dives!

Via MotherJones

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