Whack Your Weed With Organic Foam: 'Some Like It Hot'


Sometimes a weed is just a weed. Not worth getting all foamed up about. Besides, a weed control product usually has a narrow range of functionality. However, the New Zealand-made "Waipuna system uses a non toxic, biodegradable Organic Hot Foam method and is applied to unwanted weeds, killing them instantly. The Organic Foam solution contains natural plant sugar extract from corn and coconut. The Waipuna system can also be used in Municipalities for: • Chewing gum removal; • Grafitti removal; • Cleansing of Monuments; and, • Sanitation and general cleansing". The kill them instantly part is sure to gratify Americans. Just be careful where you aim! On the other hand, we can't wait to find out if this qualifies for the Jackass show. Preview the streaming video here. See kids standing amidst the resulting foam below the fold. Top photo credit: University of California at Davis.


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