Weird! Leopard Briefly Adopts Baby Baboon After Killing its Mother (Video)

Well, That Was Unexpected!

Sometimes animals don't behave the way we expect them too, and sometimes, if we're lucky, there's a camera to capture the special moment. The video above shows a Leopard on the hunt; It catches and kills a baboon (so far, so normal)... and then discovers a tiny baby baboon that was holding on to its mother. That's where things take a strange turn. You better see for yourself!

I know the last sentence in the video will ruin the warm and fuzzy feeling for many, but we have to remember that what took place is already pretty extraordinary, and that a leopard isn't equipped, either physiologically or by instinct, to care for a young baboon. The ending was a given, sadly, but I still wish I could understand what went on in the Leopard's head. Was it instinct misfiring, or a form of empathy, or something else?

LeopardWikipedia/Public Domain

Via Youtube

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