Wear a Potato Poncho to the Music Festival

spud poncho photo

Photo: nigels

It's music festival time and camping time and if you are in the UK, it's raining time. And more rain. Thus we present the perfect (spud) poncho...made out of potato starch bioplastic, it's the eco friendly way to stay dry.

It's waterproof, and durable, and if it isn't, then at least it's totally compostable. It even includes a small seedball, so you can grow some plants with your old raincoat when it gives up the ghost.

ethletic flipflop photo

Photo: nigels

For wading in the mud, or the sand: fairtrade, and biodegradable flipflops. Made by Ethletic, they are latex rubber, and are 100% FSC-certified and contain no animal glues, PVC or EVA.

solar shower. photo

Photo: nigels

Should the sun come out, you can enjoy a hot shower with this Sunncamp solar camp shower. It looks like an IV drip, but it's not. Cheap and sustainable, you fill it with water, leave in the sun for 3 hours to get hot, then hang it up to use. Comes with a shower head attached. It's lightweight and reusable and could mean no more cold showers when camping.

fire spark photo

Photo: nigels

Don't worry about forgetting the matches, or worse, soggy matches. With this Fire Spark you can start a fire under most conditions, no matter how miserable. It has a rounded wooden handle, made from FSC rated oak. It produces a 3000°C spark - enough for any campfire, bonfire or BBQ to get going.

All of these goodies, and many more, are from Nigel's Eco-store. Nigel, who shows up faithfully at all green fairs, and looks just like his cartoon-ish picture, has been in business for 6 years. His website has grown and grown, and is a goldmine for sustainable goods.

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